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tv   Good Day 430  FOX  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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up with us! here are the stories we are working on this morning. first-- breaking news in orlando.... where police say, officers crashed into each other... while chasing the same suspect. find out how those officers are doing now. plus this-- presidential candidates are taking their last shots at each other-- before tomorrow's primaries. find out who will be in central florida today. plus-- a family is desperate for answers-- after
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killed. we have the latest-- on the search for the suspect. toss to kristin
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two orlando police units crash into each other... while heading to stop a stolen vehicle. this happened around 1-45 this morning-- along "mcleod road" and "surfside way." that's right near i-4 and john young parkway in orange county. this is video from the scene. according to orlando police..... the units were headed to assist officers that were attempting to stop a stolen vehicle. on their way.... pollice say the two cars crashed into each other. police say one officer sustained minor injuries.... the other was not hurt. no word yet if police caught the suspect. developing this morning-- the search continues for the person who shot and killed a 15-year- old boy in orange county. his family says they are desperate for answers. fox 35's kate burgess has the
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primary day is tomorrow.
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up for grabs...... including florida. candidates are all over the "sunshine state" right now-- including senator he gave a speech at "the villages" in fox 35's david williams was there. donald trump will
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this afternoon-- at 2 o'clock. this comes a day after he rallied in boca raton-- and ohio. in those speeches-- he addressed his recent issues with violent protesters. trump is currently with 43-percent of republican voters-- according to a new poll by "n-b-c" and "the wall street rubio has about half that support-- at 22- on his heels is ted cruz-- with 21- percent of republican voters. and john kasich has less than 10-percent.
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side-- senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton held another town hall last night-- with some big primary states on the line. they are trying to convince voters... that they are the only candidate who could beat donald trump. hillary clinton's campaign will make a stop in orange county later today she herself will be in illinois... but former president bill clinton will make a stop in winter park-- at rollins college tonight. the rally kicks off at 7-45 pm. right now.... clinton is leading with florida democrats. the poll shows-- she is ahead of sanders... 61-percent to 34-percent. developing in orange county.... investigators are trying to figure out how a body ended up in a winter park lake. emergency crews found it yesterday morning around 10
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right now.... police are not releasing any information on the person's identity. also developing-- deputies are searching for the suspect who murdered a man... at an apartment complex in orlando. 33-year-old "la-tony jones" was found dead in the parking lot of the "silver hills" apartment complex saturday night. deputies say he was shot to death. witnesses say they saw a silver car leave the scene. deputies are asking anyone with information to give them a call. a man accused of firing a gun outside of a greyhound bus station is expected to have a first appearance today. but it's how he was arrested... that's grabbing headlines. fox 35's kristin delgado has the story. trt:1:17 injured p|ppplp```pp ``po``|m|oo`mppp`pm`pf running this morning... after a
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i-4 is back up and running this
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crash shut down the interstate for more than four hours last night. is video of the scene near the westbound colonial exit. orlando police say a pickup truck overtuned around 7 o'clock. investigators say the driver was swerving through lanes.... when he hit a construction barrier. he is listed in critical condition this morning. today in volusia county-- daytona beach police chief "mike chitwood" will announce a run for sheriff. the official announcement is set for 10-30 this morning... outside of the "scarlett golden center" on vine street. chitwood has been the daytona beach police chief... for nearly 10 years. he will run to replace the retiring volusia county sheriff... ben johnson. also today-- governor rick scott will visit orlando later this morning-- as part of his "million, billion jobs victory tour". this is all to celebrate the millions of jobs created in "the sun444444444444e past few years. the governor will be at "orion technology services" on south orange avenue at 10- 30 this morning. coming up-- the zika virus is @ spreading to more places... as it adapts to more environments. find out the new
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grounds you need to look out for. plus-- we are learning more about the motives... behind a deadly attack in west africa. more on how a u-s official.... could have been a target. developing at this
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beach resort likely targeted a u-s delegate visiting the country. the attack killed at least 16 people. the delegate was supposed to be at the resort yesterday...but had not yet made it hotel when the attack happened. there is no indication any americans were killed or hurt. al qaeda has claimed responsibility. a maryland police officer is dead in what authorities are calling an "unprovoked attack." it happened in a suburb northeast of washington d-c yesterday. deputies say gunfire erupted after someone started shooting at them. two people were arrested. deputies are working to figure out why the suspects opened fire. @s
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authorities are now urging new reporting requirements for doctors treating pilots. they also want new measures to keep pilots from hiding mental health issues. this comes after a pilot crashed a "germanwings" plane into the french alps last year. the pilot had suffered from mental health troubles in the past. a news alert-- the threat of the zika virus is even greater... as experts say the virus is now adapting to new environments. scientists at "the london natural history museum" say-- the virus is jumping acorss continents. the zika virus breeds in car tires... tin cans... dog bowls... and cemetary flower vases. one expert believes the best way to fight the virus is through genetic methods in mosquitos. but so far there has not been a breakthrough. in the past 40 years...six new invasive mosquito
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europe. coming up-- the deadly flooding out in mississippi and louisiana is not getting any better. find out how the national government is now getting involved. and-- a florida football player is making the most of this time in the off- season. we will show you what blake bortles is doing to help fund autism research. you're watching fox 35 good day orlando. it's we'll be right back. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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